If any of these scenarios resonate with you, then the bullet journal system might just be for you. The misconceptions A bullet journal (or fondly referred to as a Bujo by avid fans) is all the rage these days. Even if you didn’t know what it was, I’m sure you would have come across it in one form or another. Maybe seen pictures of it on Pinterest or Instagram, or maybe you’ve even read some articles about it. However, with all the beautiful bullet journal creations popping up everywhere, it tends to give people the misconception that a bullet journal is all about the intricate layouts and beautiful design aesthetics. When in actual fact, a bullet journal is, first and foremost, a productivity tool. My bullet journal, and all the other beautiful fancy bujos out there, are just examples of how you could build upon the original framework of the system to make it completely your own. However, it is NOT a requirement that you need to be creative or spend ridiculous amounts of time to keep a bullet journal!

What Is A Bullet Journal

Beginner’s guide to Bullet Journals: Part 1 Welcome to Part 1 of the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Bullet Journal. If you haven’t read the overview map of this 5 part guide, I suggest you do that first to get up

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